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Power Plant Technician

Job Description and Requirements

Role Purpose

Required to perform a semi-skilled and/or skilled tasks related to preventive maintenance, and test running of the power generators.


  1. To check the Power Generators and Power Plant System every morning.
  2. To Run Generator Sets without load every weekend and report to Power Plant Supervisor.
  3. PPM of all Generators Sets, starting batteries and control batteries.
  4. PPM of W1 every month for each Generator set.
  5. PPM of W2 every four months for each Generator set.
  6. PPM of W3 every 1 year for each Generator set.
  7. To check every day operation of fuel pumps and pre-heater.
  8. Monitor and maintain the Engine Room.
  9. To take all reading of all WH Meters for Hospital and Housing.
  10. To take hourly reading for MDB and transformer load.
  11. PPM of all electrical MDB, Switch Gear and transformers in Hospital & Housing Complex.
  12. To help the Supervisor in all works.
  13. PPM of 110v DC Battery (UPS Starting).
  14. Fully aware and actively implement the departmental policies and procedures, and JCI, ISO and Aramco standards or requirements related to the department.
  15. Facilitate requirements of Utility Management System relevant to organization wide functions and processes.
  16. Actively involves in indicator development, data collection for the department and to measure the performance of the function, process, and outcome.  Whenever required, conducts analysis and interpretation of data/information collected.
  17. Participate in hospital Safety Management & Risk Management Programs. Actively reports incidents in the system and whenever needed, participates in incident review, and root cause analysis.


Electrical Diploma from any recognized University/Institution.