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Job Description and Requirements

Role Purpose

Performs all clerical duties pertaining to the department. Liaises with all other departments.  Keeps effective filing of letters, memo’s and other documents related to General Administration.


  1. Types all correspondence, memos, lectures, reports and any other clerical duties related to the department.
  2. Maintains an efficient filing system, keeps accurate record of work completed and maintains schedule where necessary.
  3. Distributes outgoing mail, memoranda, etc.
  4. Fully aware and actively implement the departmental policies and procedures, local and international standards or requirements related to the department.
  5. Actively involves in indicator development, data collection for the department and to measure the performance of the function, process, and outcome.  Whenever required, conducts analysis and interpretation of data/information collected.
  6. Participate in hospital Safety Management & Risk Management Programs. Actively reports incidents in the system and whenever needed, participates in incident review, and root cause analysis.
  7. Performs any other duties within the range of his/her competence.