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Infection Control Practitioner

Job Description and Requirements

Role Purpose

Works with the Infection Control Team to reduce to a minimum the risks of healthcare associated infection (HAI) by surveillance and reporting, analysis of HAI risks and contributing to the provision of optimal care, safety, and well-being of the patients and staff.


  1. Maintains current knowledge of infection control standards and practices and continuous personal and professional development.
  2. Monitors the application and efficacy of the infection control policies and procedures.
  3. Performs regular surveillance for all healthcare associated infections in all hospital areas.
  4. Make appropriate statistics and reports and recommend correction actions when necessary.
  5. Investigate unacceptably high infection rates (in comparison to benchmark) or outbreaks, that may occur in patients/and or staff.
  6. Participate in data collection and interpretation, analyze results and make report as necessary.
  7. Promotes health education amongst patients, visitors and staff.
  8. Provides advice when requested concerning infection control aspects of management of patients with infections requiring special care.
  9. Advises all hospital staff about related infection control matters when necessary.
  10. Coordinate with Employee Health Clinic Team to ensure compliance of all staff with the required policies.


Staff should be competent as follows:

  1. Define all types/categories of healthcare associated infections (HAI) according to criteria of definition of CDC (Center for Disease Control) and other international, national and local regulating bodies related to Infection Control.
  2. Collect and analyze HAI data and report to concerned individuals and department.
  3. Develop relevant infection control policies and procedures according to standards.
  4. Implement and monitor staff compliance to infection control policies and procedures.
  5. Implement infection control measures to reduce risks of HAI i.e. hand hygiene, standard precautions, transmission-based isolation, etc.
  6. Educate and train staff in matters related to infection prevention and control.
  7. Participate in patient and family education to help patients and families to better understand and participate in their care and make well informed care decisions.
  8. This job description is not an exhaustive list of accountabilities and activities. Job incumbents may be required to perform additional job-related tasks and duties as assigned.



Qualified in Infection Control like CIC or equivalent or Completion of training in infection control not less than one year.

Three years post-basic experience, two years of which must be in the specialty.

Previous experience in Middle Eastern healthcare.