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HVAC Technician

Job Description and Requirements

Required to perform a variety of semi-skilled and/or skilled tasks related to preventive maintenance, alterations and repairs of the building and equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Performs scheduled maintenance and testing, and service calls/repairs on the following equipment including but not limited to HVAC Systems, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Freezers, Humidity Systems, Ice Machines, and Cold Stores for Kitchen, Steam Boilers, and Hot Water Boilers.
  2. Responsible of all installation, maintenance and reviewing the work of outside contractor.
  3. Keep Records of work orders, PPM, checking list of required area as (temp, Humidity, Pressure…).
  4. Trains helpers to maintain the system on a god condition.
  5. Performs a variety of tasks related to the alteration of the HVAC function of the building and equipment.
  6. Operates power tools, testing instruments, nitrogen vacuum equipment, acetylene and arc welding equipment, cleaning equipment.
  7. Fully aware and actively implement the departmental policies and procedures, local and international accreditation standards or requirements related to the department.
  8. Facilitate requirements of Utility Management Program relevant to organization wide functions and processes.
  9. Actively involves in indicator development, data collection for the department and to measure the performance of the function, process, and outcome.  Whenever required, conducts analysis and interpretation of data/information collected.
  10. Participate in hospital Safety Management & Risk Management Programs. Actively reports incidents in the system and whenever needed, participates in incident review, and root cause analysis.
  11. Performs other applicable tasks assigned within the level of his/her competence as required by the department Manager.

Necessary Knowledge and Experience:

At least three (3) years work experience in the same field

Diploma from any recognized university / institution .