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Physiotherapy Technician - Namar Branch

Job Description and Requirements


  • Treats in-patient, out-patient, and pediatric patients.
  • Helps in chest physiotherapy in, out, and pediatric patients with respriatory therapist.
  • Responsible for medical fitness exercises and manual massage used  for   patients of the department.
  • Returns any machine used in treatment room to its proper place and keeping the department in order and good appearance by ordering the porters.
  • Responsible for fixing all beds of the department after being useds by the patients and good healthy appearance of the machine by ordering the   porters.
  • Implements appropriate policies and procedures to achieve the Hospital's goals and objectives in pursuit of Standards of Care, Quality performance improvement.
  • Performs any other duties within the range of his / her professional knowledge and skills as directed by the Head of Physiotherapy.

Education & Work Experience Requirements


  • Essential: 1 year of specialty study in Physiotherapy after the secondary school.
  • Desirable: More than 2 years certificate of physiotherapy.


  • Essential: One year experience as a physiotherapy technician.
  • Desirable: Experience in a large healthcare facility as a physiotherapy technician.

Specialized Knowledge/Experience/Skills

  • Experience in Physiotherapy Department.
  • Excellent command of oral and written English
  • Computer literate