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Clinical Dietician - Namar Branch

Job Description and Requirements


To manage patients for whom he / she is responsible to the highest attainable standards to care within the resources of Dallah Hospital by developing, coordinating and implementing clinical dietetic services.  Dietician’s performance has a direct bearing on the quality of hospital services and satisfaction in the hospital. 


  • Develops clinical Dietary Policies and Procedures for review and implementation.
  • Ensures that Clinical Dietary Policies and Procedures are implemented and Hospital standards are met.
  •  Reports information about diets to other members of the Catering/Dietary Department.
  • Assesses nutritional needs of patients on long term care.
  •  Plans therapeutic diets on collaboration with the physician.
  •  Provides education to patients and families regarding their diet through diet counseling.
  • Provides outpatient clinic diet therapy under the direction of the Medical Staff.
  • Attends in-service training programs regarding safety, infection control, fire prevention, etc.
  • Prepares monthly statistical reports.
  •  Implements appropriate policies and procedures to achieve the Hospital’s goals and objectives in pursuit of Standards of Care, Quality/ Performance Improvement.
  •  Performs any other duties within the range of his / her professional knowledge and skills as directed by the Head of Department.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution in Nutrition or Dietetics.
  • Must be a Registered Dietician Licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Specialized Knowledge/Experience/Skills

  • communication skills
  • Computer literate