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Accountant - Namar Branch

Job Description and Requirements

Role Purpose

Responsible for checking, recording and maintaining transactions and reports related to Employees, affiliates, deferred income, accruals and prepaid expenses.


  1. Checks and maintains all employees’ accounts and prepares monthly deductions.
  2. Responsible for monthly adjustments (amortizations and provisions on deferred or pre-collected income), accruals and prepaid expenses and prepares monthly schedules thereof; and takes care of year-end adjustments.
  3. Maintains all affiliated companies’ accounts regularly and obtains confirmation at least every three months.
  4. Obtains confirmation of Impresses Fund.
  5. Prepares all related reports required for the interim and annual audit.
  6. Fully aware and actively implement the departmental policies and procedures, local and international accreditation standards or requirements related to the department.
  7. Actively involves in indicator development, data collection for the department and to measure the performance of the function, process, and outcome.  Whenever required, conducts analysis and interpretation of data/information collected.
  8. Participate in hospital Safety Management & Risk Management Programs. Actively reports incidents in the system and whenever needed, participates in incident review, and root cause analysis.


  • Minimum of four years post-qualification experience, to include Employees, Affiliate, Cash and Accrual Accounts.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce /Finance Accountancy