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Orthopedic Resident

Job Description and Requirements


Within the limits of his/her written clinical privileges, to manage patients for whom he/she is responsible to the highest attainable standard of care within the resources in full compliance to Dallah Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.



  1. Clerks the patients presenting at the Emergency Room or admitted under the speciality, regularly and routinely, (or immediately in an emergency), notifying the patient’s status to his/her senior colleague.
  • Maintains a written progress-note in the patient’s record at least daily.
  • Daily ensures the implementation of all routine admission and other treating patient management orders, as appropriate.
  1. Regularly monitors the patient’s progress in the wards, carrying out daily routine physical examinations, and ensuring compliance with patient management orders, initiating appropriate management of unexpected occurrences.
  1. Writes discharge summaries for patients as directed by the consultant  
  1. Attends appropriate meetings of the medical staff as directed by the Head of Orthopaedic.
  1. Attends the Operating Room as required by his/her consultant; assists in orthopaedic surgical procedures; may perform minor operations within the limits of his/her knowledge and skills, at the discretion of the consultant surgeon in charge of the patient        
  1. Develops and coordinates the quality improvement program within his or her area of responsibilities.
  1. Participate in-patient and family education to help patients and families to better understand and participate in their care and make well informed care decisions.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

Essential: At least two years in Orthopaedic.

Desirable: Experience in Emergency Room practice. Experience in the subspecialty

Specialized Knowledge/Experience/Skills


Basic knowledge and skills in routine history and examination and bedside procedures.


  • Able to treat all Orthopaedic emergency cases under the guidance of consultant.
  • Ability to speak, read and write Arabic and English.